We Provide Professional Retaining Walls Services in Kings Mountain, NC

Retaining walls is the next step for landscaping improvements. They reduce soil erosion, increase your property’s value, and more. Our professionals in Kings Mountain, NC, provide retaining wall services in Kings Mountain, NC, backed by 15 years of experience and knowledge. We can quickly install a retaining wall for your property’s needs ensuring quality work that withstands time.

We assist a variety of needs, including:
  • Concrete retaining wall
  • Basement wall repair
  • Concrete wall crack repair

Top Benefits of Retaining Walls

Add Aesthetics & Functionality

We recommend using retaining walls to add aesthetics to a property, have a solid property boundary maker, prevent soil erosion, and enhance flood control. Additionally, they come in different materials to fit the rest of your property and landscaping aesthetic! Reap all of the benefits of having a retaining wall on your property with our help.

Ensure Durability for Your Project

Schedule a Consultation

At Seth Ross, LLC, we strive to help our clients experience effective, durable solutions all in one. As such, we offer retaining walls installation and repairs. We can even help you choose the right retaining walls considering your property’s requirements, such as absorption, strength, height deviations, and more. Get in touch with our contractors in Kings Mountain, NC, and start today!

Our Full Range of Services

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Concrete Resurfacing

At Seth Ross LLC we can take care of your concrete needs! We do driveways, sidewalks, patios, floors and more. All types of damage can be fixed and best of all, it costs less than replacing the entire concrete. Call us now for a free consultation.

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Our company offers top-quality brick pavers at the best prices on the market. We can also design and install tailor made patios, fire pits, and pool decks for you. Our trained professionals can install and repair any pavement on your property!

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Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are perfect for helping keep the wheels on your house. Designed to allow water to drain and to add visual appeal, we can offer options for you to maintain great aesthetics and functionality. Give us a call today so we can get you on your way.

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Artificial Turf

Looking to install artificial turf? Then look no further. We can definitely help you with this. We have installed artificial turf at commercial and residential areas, in public and private spaces. Call us to get an estimate.

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Discuss Your Project With Us

We can plan and construct any structure to beautify your property and make it more functional. Every design is created with a creative vision, innovative solutions, and quality craftsmanship. Call (704) 996-8705 to share your project details.